How to View My Lowe’s Paystubs

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How to View My Lowe’s Paystubs Online.

Question: How do I check my Lowe’s paychestubs/paychecks online?


  • Navigate to
  • Log in to the Myloweslife portal with your login credentials.
  • Look for the small tab in the upper left corner that says “My Lowe’s Life”.
  • Click on “My Lowe’s Life” to view the drop down menu.
  • In that drop-down menu, locate and click on “My Wealth” (You will have to log in again).
  • On the left hand side of the screen, find and click on “View my payslip”.
  • A new page will open with all your past paystubs.
  • Click on the paycheck/paystub that you want to view.
  • Once open, you can print it.
myloweslife Lowe's paystubs
Find the “My Lowe’s Life” tab and click on it.

You will be able to view your past and current paycheck on mobile phones as well as home computers.

If you are a former Lowe’s employee, go to and log in via the “Click Here” link under “Are you a Former Employee?”.

Lowe’s Pay Period.

Question: WHen does a Lowe’s employee Pay Period begin and end?

Answer: The Lowe’s pay period begins the week of your paystub that you get on Fridays. That means the new week actually begins on Saturdays. A paycheck received on 26th of October was for the pay period of October 6th-October 19th.


16 thoughts on “How to View My Lowe’s Paystubs

  1. Hi I worked at Lowe’s for a week in Summer 2018 until I got ill. Please send me the paystubs for me to view and print.

    Thank you
    Suzanne McMullen


  2. Why when I go to it takes me to the correct webpage but when I put my information in which is correct a message comes back error couldn’t find a secure connection to the server. I usually use my smart phone Work app that stopped working so I started using my smartphone web safari which was allowing me to open the page up until last week I tried google and chrome and all three pages displayed the same message, so I tried my laptop same message displayed it couldn’t be open then I tried my desktop same message displayed I even went to the public library and it still same the same exact thing. I just want to view my check stubs can someone please help me I’m frustrated and out of options


  3. So now I been paid for 1 shift. Not all my hours I am owned. There’s bonus. Just 1 days pay. I can’t log on to anything that explains my pay stub or schedule or scenarios that would be applicable to my hours at Lowes! WTF is up?


  4. They make it very hard to get into paystubs from home. I think we have locked my husband out and then it messes it up when he goes to work to get in. Why cant it be simple to get in.


  5. I simply want to see my paystub from yesterday. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Most diffucult web access I have ever encountered. I thought we had a new head of IT. I heard she is paid annually more that the hourly employees in my store combined. What is happening? Every day I feel less and less appreciated.
    Punch is and punch out and don’t be late. Don’t dare go over time by one minute. Take what we give you in pay or leave. Who really cares?


  6. I finding it very difficult to login into myloweslife account. I’ve entered the login credentials but is says that login detail is incorrect. When I go to reset the password or user id, it still not going to next step but saying of error. Kindly help me out this problem.


    1. I too am having the same problems. Access is not designed. Obtaining my file should not be such an problem while being at working and off-site.


  7. Why has the latest version of the website removed access to our schedules? If corporate intends for employees to check and verify information from the web, accessibility needs to be improved. Comments from numerous employees that are unable to access schedules. Unaware of Lowe’s intended schedule changes until signing in and being told “signing in early” ……latest version is very user UN-friendly with no apparent concern from the powers to be.


  8. has become increasingly unfriendly, many employees are having difficulties navigating this latest version. When our schedules get changed, for whatever reason, we are not aware of the change until we sign in at work…why can’t the latest version be accessed from home? If you intend for employees to check the website from home, it needs to be accessible. Frustration levels rising across the nation



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